Repair Enterprise "Atomenergoremont" is established in 1974 for the purpose of maintenance and repair of the equipment in "Kozloduy Nuclear Power Plant". During the last ten years, Atomenergoremont PLC expanded the circle of its clients and its activity, as it completed a number of projects, related to modernization and complex construction of sites in thermal power plants and other industrial enterprises.
    "Atomenergoremont" PLC has at its availability a manufacturing base on the site of "Kozloduy Nuclear Power Plant" with workshops, equipped with cranes, metal processing machines and the necessary modern technology and tools.
The main activities, which the Company performs, are: repair and restoration turbine, electrical and auxiliary equipment; millwright-construction, civil-construction and electrical-construction activities; manufacturing of non-standard equipment, spare parts, vessels, steel structures; service activities, etc.
    The Company has implemented an integrated system for management, including quality, environment and safety and health during work, and employs teams of highly qualified specialists, who have proven their capabilities and experience, including personnel with special qualification.

     "Atomenergoremont" PLC performed individually activities on "Improvement of seismic stability of equipment from the safety systems on Units 5 and 6" in the frames of the Reconstruction and modernization program of Units 5 and 6  "Improvement of seismic stability of the support structures of EP-2".
       After the closure of KNPP units, Atomenergoremont PLC tries to enlarge the number of its clients. It worked on the following projects in the last few years:
-       Fabrication of components of a co-generation boiler-utilizer and erection of a gas turbine at "Biovet" JSC, Peshtera town, on a contract with the Italian company "Marcegaglia";
-       Construction and commissioning of two units of co-generation installations at "Toplofikatsia Vratsa";
-       Construction and commissioning of co-generation installation at "Toplofikatsia Burgas";
-       Fabrication of utilizers for "Toplofikatsia Burgas";
-       Fabrication of pressure vessels for "Agropolychim", town of Devnya;
-       Modernization activities at TPP "Maritsa East 2" including disassembly, assembly and start up of 4 generators and 3 turbines "Toshiba" at Units 1-4, flue gas desulphurization plant construction at Areas 2 and 3 on a contract with "Mitsui Power Projects" (a Japanese company);
-       Erection of a turbine generator station at "Neochim" PLC, Dimitrovgrad

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